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Exploring the Adriatic: A Guide to Croatia’s Best-Kept Secrets
Croatia is slowly becoming the next big tourist destination for those looking for an incredible mix of adventure, sun, and sea. Visit these off the grid places for a more authentic Croatian experience. Vis: When you plan a trip to Croatia, chances are, Vis won’t make it onto your list of “must sees”—unless of course, someone tells you about it! There are so many incredible and picturesque places you can visit in Croatia, it’s hard t... See more
AUTHOR: College Tourist, by Roslyn Kent, University of Calgary

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16 days arrangement in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Projets volontaires pour les Scouts/ Guides/ Patros  2016.Croatie, Slovénie, Monténégro, Bosnie et HerzégovineNous organiserons les projets pour des scouts et les guides Belge à Croatie, Monténégro, Slovénie, Bosnie et Herzégovine depuis 6 ans.Cette année nous avons consolidée nos projet en plus nous aurions quelques nouveau projetsPour des informations sur les: Pr ... See more

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FROM: 01.07.2016. ()
TO: 17.08.2016. ()
* 16 days in this period
Het culturele erfgoed van Kroatië en omgeving
9 days arrangement in Croatia (Hrvatska)
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WDR TravelGuffenslaan 17 , HasseltBelgiumcontact: ... See more

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FROM: 01.03.2016. (Sibenik)
TO: 01.11.2016. (Split)
* 9 days in this period
Okrug Gornji
Okrug Gornji


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City tour Split
Split is an urban centre of this region and attractive destination for numerous tourists. UNESCO proclaimed the value of the old city centre... See more
Hiking - Velebit, Vaganac
Velebit is the largest though not the highest mountain range in Croatia. Its highest peak is the Vaganski vrh at 1,757 m.
The range ... See more
Hiking: Brač - Blaca hermitage
The Island of Brač is one of the biggest islands of Croatian archipelago.

The mainstay of its economy is tourism, but i... See more
Half Day Trips: Cetina rafting
Rafting as a mode of transport up and down waterways also has a long tradition in Croatia. However, white-water rafting as a modern form of ... See more
Day Trips: Wine Route of Herzegovina
Herzegovina karst, homeland of thorn-bushes, spruce, heather, wormwood, and horned viper, where the sun ruthlessly heats six months a year a... See more
Half Day Trips: Međugorje
Place of pilgrimage - full day tour. Join our tour to experience the spirit of Međugorje. Discover and experience the phenomenon that has m... See more

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What to do / What to see?
Slatine is a place on the island of Ciovo which is connected with the town of Trogir with a bascule bridge. After passing the brid... See more
The most famous and important monument, the starting and ending point of every sightseeing tour is the Amphitheater, popularly cal... See more
Drvenik Veli
Drvenik is a tourist resort situated 30 km south of the famous tourist resort of Makarska. Its tourist offer based on the quality ... See more
Shell Museum
It was built in 1614. A Malacological museum is located in the basement which has the largest collection of snails, shells, mussel... See more
„Vanka regule" Festival is extreme sports competition held in Sutivan every year at the end of July. Both participants and spect... See more
Toward the interior of the peninsula one finds the picturesque cove of Prapratno, enclosed by clear water and a pebble beach facin... See more
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