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Fly and Drive Istrie 8 days
8 days arrangement in Croatia (Hrvatska)
575,00 Eur
This miniature heart-shaped world and the largest peninsula of the Adriatic. Istria has excellent gastronomy and vines offer.The Istrian white truffle is one of the most highly prized in the world today.This unusual, malodorous subterranean fungus of an unattractive form is – the truffle.OfferPrice includes:7 night at hotel**** (HB) in PorecIn two bed roomAddition for singl ... See more

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FROM: 01.03.2016. (Aéropot Pula)
TO: 15.06.2016. (Aéropot Pula)
* 8 days in this period
LLN - Bled 2016 Competition
7 days arrangement in Slovenia
1.485,00 Eur
The Golf Club of Louvain-la-Neuve and the Bled Golf Course organise the "LLN - Bled Competition 2016"The Bled Golf Course is the most ancient in Slovenia, built in 1937.Its exquisite natural features make of it one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Central-Eastern Europe. The Bled Golf Course is situated at 4 km distance from the Bled lake. Bled and its surrounding reg ... See more

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FROM: 01.04.2016. ()
TO: 01.11.2016. ()
* 7 days in this period
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Are Croatia’s renowned Mali Ston oysters overrated – or truly some of the world’s best?
As I let raw oyster after raw oyster slide into my mouth, each one a nice combination of briny and mineral taste, Tomislav Šare, a 19-year-old oyster farmer, had a warning for me: “Don’t eat too many,” he said. “You’ll end up with six children.” I suppose an oyster farmer would believe in the aphrodisiacal qualities often attributed to the molluscs. But I wasn’t slurping them down for any reason other than that these oysters, pull... See more
AUTHOR: David Farley
Kaštel Lukšić
Kaštel Lukšić

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Day Trips: Tara Rafting
"Every rafting is diametrically different from any previous one, Nothing can be repeated two times because the water level can vary. O... See more
NP Kravice waterfallas
Kravice is a waterfall on the Trebižat River in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is 10 km south of Ljubuški and forty kilometers south of... See more
Place: West of Brac island
West of Brac island... See more
NP Triglav
Triglav is the only national park in Slovenia. It is staggeringly beautiful and so demands special treatment. This national park in t... See more
Mountain Hiking: Lukomir mountain village
First let me start by introducing this little mountaintop dwelling properly. It’s about an hour and a half from Sarajevo on Bjelasnica Mou... See more
Half Day Trips: Bosnian Pyramids
Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids represents the biggest complex of pyramidal structures in the World. It consists of Bosnian Pyramid of... See more

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What to do / What to see?
St. Johns Fort
The first quadrangular pier tower was constructed in 1346 in order to protect the City harbour in the south-east, and its outlines... See more
The collection of sacral works of art
Located on the Square of Pope John Paul II. The collection of sacral works of art keeps the precious heritage from the churches of... See more
Shell Museum
It was built in 1614. A Malacological museum is located in the basement which has the largest collection of snails, shells, mussel... See more
The Nehaj tower
Kaštel Štafilić
The Nehaj tower was built in 1548 at the western part of Kaštel Štafilić by Ljudevit and Ivan Lodi. The tower was built up to t... See more
The Franciscan Monastery
It originates from the middle 15th century. It has a late Gothic presbytery based on the model of St. Nicholas. Through history, t... See more
Barac's caves
Be sure to visit the world’s oldest artist’s museum – the nature museum and see the works of art that took millions of years... See more
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