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Gliding school
32 days arrangement in Bosnia and Herzegovina
7.255,00 Eur
Service Includes :Basic Gliding SchoolAdvanced Gliding SchoolAccomodationsLunchTransfersMedical certificateExcursions and VisitsSPL, Sailplane Pilot LicenceIssued according to ICAO standards  ... See more

More details: EN // FR // NL // TRAVEL PLAN
FROM: 01.05.2016. (Prijedor/ Sinj)
TO: 30.09.2017. (Livno)
* 32 days in this period
Fly and Drive Opatija 8 days
8 days arrangement in Croatia (Hrvatska)
575,00 Eur
Kvarner Bay is a bay in north-eastern part of the Adriatic Sea between Istria and the Croatian coast. Hrvatsko primorje (Croatian Littoral) – a collective name for the Rivieras of Opatija, Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski and the Rijeka area has always attracted numerous visitors with its beauty, mild climate and accessibility.PositionOpatija is a tourist destination with ... See more

More details: EN // FR // NL // TRAVEL PLAN
FROM: 01.03.2016. (Aéropot Pula/Zagreb/Rijeka)
TO: 31.10.2016. (Aéropot Pula/Zagreb/Rijeka)
* 8 days in this period
Travel news and infos
La découverte
Bonjour Monsieur Kadic, Nous sommes rentrés depuis près d'une semaine et j'ai envie de prendre le temps de vous faire un petit topo de notre voyage. Il me semble d'ailleurs intéressant dans votre chef d'avoir un retour, une appréciation de vos clients. Dans l'ensemble, ce fut un voyage formidable. Tout était en général bien organisé et planifié. La découverte de ces pays reste pour nous une expérience fantastique et nous ne sou... See more
AUTHOR: Claude Vaneetveld

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Oglašavanje / Advertising

Mountain Hiking: Čabulja
Čabulja is a mountain in Herzegovina between the Neretva River and its right tributary Drežanke.Čabulja is mostly bare, rocky and arid, w... See more
Half Day Trips Castle Trakošćan
Trakoscan castle

Trakoscan was built in the late 13th century in northwestern Croatian de... See more
Half Day Trips: Motovun (in the heart of Istrie)
Motovun is located on a hill in central Istria above south shore mean flow Mirna at 277 m above sea level. Cobblestone streets leads to th... See more
Hiking: Mljet - The Lakes
Mljet is the most southerly and easterly of the larger Adriatic islands of the Dalmatia region of Croatia.

The northwestern par... See more
NP Lonjsko Polje
Lonjsko Polje (Lonja Field) is the largest protected wetland in both Croatia and the entire Danube basin. It covers an area of 505.6 square ... See more
Half Day Trips: Wild Horses, Livno
To tell a bit more about these horses, a group of about 200 wild animals, they live in the rough nature near Livno, a traditional and intere... See more

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What to do / What to see?
Saltworks Ston
Saltworks in Ston is one out of three in Croatia and the oldest one in Europe.Dates from the 14th century and still working even t... See more
The Diocletian Palace Substructures
The Diocletian Palace Substructures represent one of the best preserved ancient complexes of their kind in the world, and hence ar... See more
St. Blaise church
The patron saint of Dubrovnik. This majestic church is located at the intersection of two main thoroughfares, where public gatheri... See more
Prokurative square
Prokurative or as they are officially called, Republic Square resemble the Venice St. Marks Square. They are located west of the R... See more
Pjaca (People's Square, another square nobody in Split calls by its real name), is first mentioned in 13th century as St Lawrence'... See more
St Francis church and Franciscan monastery
The oldest Dalmatian church built in the Gothic style (1283). It represents a type of, so called, Gothic monastic church character... See more
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