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Leur et la nôtre Jeunesse 2016.
Les projets seront réalisés dans des régions principalement situées dans l’arrière-pays de la côte Adriatique. Politiquement oubliées, elles présentent encore, en certains endroits, des séquelles de la guerre : matérielles (écoles, maisons, structure urbaine, …, partiellement dévastées) morales (relations entre communautés réclamant des projets fédérateurs) Notre connaissance des régions de l’ex-Yougoslav... See more
AUTHOR: Kadic Ognjen

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16 days arrangement in Bosnia and Herzegovina
0,00 Eur
Projets volontaires pour les Scouts/ Guides/ Patros  2016.Croatie, Slovénie, Monténégro, Bosnie et HerzégovineNous organiserons les projets pour des scouts et les guides Belge à Croatie, Monténégro, Slovénie, Bosnie et Herzégovine depuis 6 ans.Cette année nous avons consolidée nos projet en plus nous aurions quelques nouveau projetsPour des informations sur les: Pr ... See more

More details: EN // FR // NL // TRAVEL PLAN
FROM: 01.07.2016. ()
TO: 17.08.2016. ()
* 16 days in this period
School trip : Adriatic coast and it's hinterland
8 days arrangement in Croatia (Hrvatska)
0,00 Eur
School trip : Adriatic coast and it's hinterlandIncluded in this offer :-Bus available-Ferry Boat-Group MentorAccommodation /Half Board: -5 hotel nights  *** in Dubrovnik and Trogirtriple rooms for studentssingle rooms for profs-1 Night in a monastery in Montenegro-1 Night in Mostar-Meals/ Lunch:Quick lunch (= sandwich or traditional fast food in the town)Tasting oys ... See more

More details: EN // FR // NL // TRAVEL PLAN
FROM: 01.03.2016. ()
TO: 30.06.2016. ()
* 8 days in this period
Kaštel Sućurac
Kaštel Sućurac
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Hiking - Velebit, Vaganac
Velebit is the largest though not the highest mountain range in Croatia. Its highest peak is the Vaganski vrh at 1,757 m.
The range ... See more
Cycling: Our Lady of Sinj
The Via Dinarica trail encompasses the largest karst field on earth. Plate tectonics have created a vertebrae-like limestone chain that have... See more
Half Day Trips: Rt Kamenjak (Istrie)
Kamenjak is the southernmost part of Istria, a peninsula length of about 9 km long coastline to 30 km. It can be reached from Pula to... See more
Mountain Hiking: Lukomir mountain village
First let me start by introducing this little mountaintop dwelling properly. It’s about an hour and a half from Sarajevo on Bjelasnica Mou... See more
Half Day Trips: Wild Horses, Livno
To tell a bit more about these horses, a group of about 200 wild animals, they live in the rough nature near Livno, a traditional and... See more
Air gliding and Flying school Split Airport Sinj

Our offer is based on whole-day trips for student pilots and their companions and it is adjusted to clients

We are i... See more

In association with KAMEN M.I.C.E.

What to do / What to see?
Saltworks Ston
Saltworks in Ston is one out of three in Croatia and the oldest one in Europe.Dates from the 14th century and still working even t... See more
Promajna is located 4 km south from Baska Voda and 6 km northwest of Makarska. A larger part of the settlement lies below the slop... See more
Lazaretto and Old City Harbour
In bygone times Dubrovnik was a crossroads of caravan routes.
In great danger of contracting the plague, the people of Dubr... See more
A small village Dol that today has some hundred inhabitants is located two kilometres southern from Postira. This oasis of peace a... See more
A number of restaurants and konobe (taverns) will satisfy even the most demanding palate. Magic of tastes and scents is reflected ... See more
The building of the Skočibuha family castle, which still dominates the town of Suđurađ, began in February 1563 and ended in Dec... See more
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