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Sightseeing NP Krka Waterfalls

From: Split, Trogir
Full day tour Ride by coach to Šibenik for a visit to one of Dalmatia's most valuable religious monuments - the 15th century St.Jacobs Cathedral. Continue through the karst Šibenik hinterland to the famous Krka Waterfalls. Located in the lovely Krka National Park, the falls cascade over 17 natural barriers. This permanent play of sun and water ...See more
Active from: 15.04-15.10
Sightseeing Day Trips: Fish picnic Elafiti, Dubrovnik

From: Dubrovnik,Cavtat
The Elaphiti Islands or the Elaphites is a small archipelago consisting of several islands stretching northwest of Dubrovnik, in the Adriatic sea. The islands attract large numbers of tourists during the summer tourist season due to the Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation, centuries' old woods of pine and carob, olive groves and gardens filled...See more
Active from: 01.04-15.11
Sightseeing City tour Split

Split is an urban centre of this region and attractive destination for numerous tourists. UNESCO proclaimed the value of the old city centre by putting it on its list of world heritage. Split is situated in the middle of Dalmatia and it represents capital centre of the region in transportation, economics and in culture.With highway and rail it is c...See more
Sightseeing Day Trips: Split,Trogir, Kastela

From: Split,Trogir,Zadar
Split, ville dalmate la plus importante, construite autour du Palais Romain de l'Empereur Dioclétien, s'étend sur la rive orientale de l'Adriatique. Vieille de plus de 1700 ans, son Palais ayant été construit en 305, Split vit paisiblement, offrant, au visiteur, l'impression que chaque jour y est une journée de vacances. Les places, les br...See more
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Sightseeing NP Plitvice Lakes

From: Split, Trogir
Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest national park in Croatia. The national park was founded in 1949 and is situated in the mountainous karst area of central Croatia, at the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1979, Plitvice Lakes National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage register among the first natural sites worldwide. Each y...See more
Active from: 15.04-31.10
Sightseeing Day Trips: Fish picnic Trogir

From: Trogir
Fish picnic schedule: - Departure from Trogir or "Medena" hotel - Visits of Solta and Drvenik Veliki islands - Meal on board - Free time on the beach - Way back to Trogir Spend an unforgettable day out on the sea, visiting not one, but two beautiful islands of Middle Dalmatia! Our journey starts in front of our agency, across from the Histo...See more
Active from: 01.04-15.10
Sightseeing Day Trips: Fish picnic BOL (Brac)

From: Trogir
Bol is a town on the south of the island of Brač in the Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia. Bol (its name derive from the Latin word "vallum") is known for its most popular beach, Zlatni Rat ("Golden cape"). The sea at Zlatni Rat and the entire area is quite crystalline (and somewhat colder than usual), due to the strong current of the strait it ...See more
Active from: 01.06-15.09
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Sightseeing NP Brijuni

From: Pula
The Brijuni Islands are a group of fourteen small islands in the Croatian part of the northern Adriatic Sea. The largest island, Veliki Brijun Island, lies 2 km off the coast. On the Brijuni there are several archaeological and cultural sites. On Veliki Brijun Island over 200 dinosaur footprints have been discovered. There are also two ancient ...See more
Active from: 01.03-01.11
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Sightseeing PN Paklenica

From: Zadar,Split
The most attractive and most valuable parts of South Velebit are surely the impressive canyons of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica. Velika Paklenica canyon is 14 km long and 500–800 m wide. In its narrowest part around the Bunkers, the canyon is only 50 m wide. Vertical cliffs rise above both sides of the canyon up to a height of over 700 m....See more
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Sightseeing Half Day Trips: Motovun (in the heart of Istrie)

Motovun is located on a hill in central Istria above south shore mean flow Mirna at 277 m above sea level. Cobblestone streets leads to the lower gate of the 15th st under which the lapidary. Behind the gate is the lower square, and at the end of a city hall. Opposite her is the entrance to the walled city in the 13th § Passing through the gate...See more
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Sightseeing Half Day Trips: Pazin CAVE

From: Pazin, Pula
The Cave of Pazin is the most picturesque example of natural forces at work on the karst Istrian terrain. Under the walls of a thousand year old Pazin Castle, right on the border of the «grey» and «red» Istria, the biggest Istrian stream Pazinčica makes its flow through the underground all the way to the valley of the river Raša. Perhaps it ...See more
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Sightseeing Half Day Trips: Rt Kamenjak (Istrie)

From: Pula, Rovinj
Kamenjak is the southernmost part of Istria, a peninsula length of about 9 km long coastline to 30 km. It can be reached from Pula to Medulin and Premantura. At the lowest point Premanture entrance is on the cape that is also a protected landscape, the habitat of 560 species which are rare and endangered. There are as many as 33 species of orchid...See more
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Sightseeing Half Day Trips: Konavle

From: Konavle
Konavle is a region with particular natural beauties and contrasts: fringed by the Konavle mountains in the North, bordered by the Adriatic Sea in the South, it reaches from the entry into the Bay of Kotor to the peninsula of Prevlaka in the East, and in the West, it inclines down to the cosy coves of Obod and Cavtat. The preserved natural, unique...See more
Active from: 01.04-15.09
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Sightseeing Half Day Trips: Gruda-Ancient mill and Cavtat

From: Ston
We take the direction of Konavle, land of the Dubrovnik territory with high soil fertility. In Gruda, small settlement in Konavle, we visit one ancient traditional mill. This mill, still in activity, has a rich history, Afterwards, degustation of vine and other products of this region. We continue toward Cavtat, one of the most important centre...See more
Active from: 01.04-15.10.
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Sightseeing Half Day Trips: Omis-Cetina river

From: Split, Dubrovnik,Trogir
Full day tour A coach drive along the coast, then via a mountain road to Omiš, a small town on the estuary of the Cetina River. This swift mountain river meanders through canyons to reach the sea. A stop will be made at a point above the town offering a magnificient view of the river before we continue with a river cruise to a restaurant for lunc...See more
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