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Opera Ero the Joker traditionally on the scene in Vrlika

10.08.2017. | Cultural Heritage
Opera "Ero s onoga svijeta" (Ero the Joker) is traditionally performed every summer in Vrlika, litlle place in Dalmatian Zagora 70 km north from Split, on a popular open space (water source) Česma, as a part of the Split Summer Festival. For that small town, this opera is an magnificent event and besides local residents hundreds of people, including tourists from across the county, come to see that.

Opera induce the enthusiasm of the local population, and provokes verve of the visitors. Ero the Joker is the most popular and beloved Croatian opera and Vrlika is a birth place of librettist Milan Begović, as well as a birth place of many folkloric impetuses that composer Jakov Gotovac so ingeniously incorporated into this brilliant comic opera.

Ero the Joker is the most widely-produced opera, not only on domestic but also on numerous foreign stages and one of the best works of Slavic opera literature. The opera is full of beautiful folk tunes that Gotovac has mastered in his work with the skill of the greatest master. Without pathetic, full of sparkling satire, this opera is one of the best works of Slavic opera literature and performance in Vrlika is the main summer event (with Sinjska Alka) at central Dalmatian hinterland which attracts more and more people every year.

AUTHOR:, Josip Ostojic
VISITS: 1563