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After a Croatian football victory web page of the Croatian Tourist Board reached a record number of visitors.

12.07.2018. | Interesting news from tourism
According to leading Croatian news media The excellent performances of the Croatian football team have contributed significantly to the promotion of Croatia, not just as a tourist destination, but as a country in general, and the culmination of the promotional effects is
Croatia's entry into the final of the 2018 World Football Cup.

#Croatia was trending last night on Twitter and, according to the latest information, it seems there has been an enormous spike in interest in the pages of the Croatian National Tourist Board. It is evident that the victory of Croatia against England has prompted people around the world to look for info on Croatia.

The Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) reported that the number of visits to its webpage was a 250 percent higher than on the same day last year.

“Croatia’s win, which has brought us a place in the World Cup final, is a historic achievement which has put our country in the focus of the global community, which is a great opportunity for further promotional activities. We have created a shortened version of our promotional video Ambassadors of Croatian Tourism, using just the shots with Croatian footballers. The video has received fantastic reactions, both during and after the match against England. The positive promotional effects are also visible on the HTZ webpage, where we have recorded an increase in the number of visitors of 250% compared to the same period last year. Most visitors to the website are coming from Italy, the United States, Russia, India, Germany, Great Britain, France, Poland and the Netherlands,” said HTZ director Kristjan Staničić.

The HTZ also announced that they implemented a mini promotional campaign on their YouTube channel last night, using geo-location services and focusing on the stadium in Moscow. “The shortened version of the promotional video was viewed over 250,000 times, and after the Croatian victory, the "view rate" for the video grew by 161%. The campaign was also launched on Facebook, with the focus on the stadium where the game was played, and the promotional video has
reached 74,000 views,” the HTZ reported.

SOURCE: photo: Croatian Football Federation