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Number of tourist increased in Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Novalja, Rijeka

04.08.2019. | Interesting news from tourism

Although there were only 55,000 fewer tourists in July than last year, the season is still in a plus, with 1.1 million guests resting on the seaside this days.

Last weekend, the season came to its peak when the last of 1,18 million beds officially available to Croatian tourism was filling up. As expected, it was marked by traffic jams and above average there were a lot of German drivers. One million guests were exceeded last week. The last week of July and the beginning of August, it was largely marked by guests from Germany, where only a few provinces had just finished school and started their exodus towards the south and warm European seas.

In July, 4,57 million tourists visited Croatia, achieving 30,45 million overnight stays. Last year's backlog was 1,2 % and about 55,000 guests, while overnight stays were 1.5% lower. The lack of tourists would be even greater if there weren't domestic tourists. In July, there were 354,000 and even 7% percent more tourists than last year (overnights were up 6%). At the same time, the number of foreigners, with 4,22 million arrivals in July, were 1,8 % smaller than last year. Overnights were 2,4% lower. In July, minus bypassed only hotels, but also destinations such as Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Novalja, Rijeka ... which had between 2% and 8% more guests. Anyway, the first six months of tourism were good enough to keep the seven-month cumulative in plus. From the beginning of the year to the end of the seventh month, there were 11,5 million guests, which is 3,5% more than last year in the seven-month period. With 56,8 million overnight stays, last year's result was outpaced by a modest 1%. The number of domestic tourists (1,39 million and 7% more than last year) and in this period increased more than the number of foreigners (ten million and plus of 3%).

Most overnight stays in Istria
During the seven-month period, most of the tourists went to Istria, where the hosts recorded 15,55 million overnight stays and 27,4% of all overnight stays. The Split – Dalmatia County with 10,55 million overnights is second, and the Primorje – Gorski kotar County with 9.95 million overnights is third. The same ranking of the top three counties applies for the seventh month. “These are preliminary results of the eVisitor system, and according to them we had positive tourism results since the beginning of the year”- says Croatian National Tourist Board director Kristjan Staničić,, who, with the increase in the number of domestic tourists, especially highlights the positive results with several other markets. 3% more guests came from Italy, 9% from France, 11 % from Spain, 5% from the UK, 7% from the United States, 3% from Russia, and 23% from China and Ukraine, or 34% more. We expect a good August, and we have great announcements for September and October, which gives us optimism that we will conclude this year at the level of last year.

Financial results are always the most important in the end, and at this moment they are working in our favor.

AUTHOR: Roko Kvestić