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Trogir: In the first seven months, 4% more tourists than last year

14.08.2019. | Local Destinations

In the Tourist Board of Trogir we found out that in July the number of arrivals for the area of ​​Trogir is slightly increasing, unlike the data that eVisitor records for the whole of Croatia, which show a slight minus.

In July, Croatia recorded a total of 4.6 million tourist arrivals, which is 0.7% less than in the same month last year. In terms of overnight stays, 30.5 million overnights or 1.3% less were accomplished, according to eVisitor data.

"In the Tourist Board of Trogir we learn that in the first seven months, Trogir made 91,174 arrivals an increase of 4% in comparison to last year's 78,195. The Split-Dalmatia County registered a 5% increase and I think we are talking about very good results. In neighboring towns from the area of ​​the former Municipality of Trogir, these indicators are slightly lower, but I know that in the eighth month they will make a leveling, and in September we will talk about the same results for all four municipalities. Due to overnight stays in the first seven months in the area of​​ Trogir, there were 308,189 overnight stays, compared to 303,547 last year. That's a 2% increase, while the entire county saw a 1% increase. We are proud that the number of overnight stays in the first seven months is even better than in the county" - said Negica Špika from the Tourist Board of Trogir.

"In July, unlike in the whole of Croatia where there is a slight decrease in tourist traffic, in arrivals we recorded an increase of one percent (37,693 arrivals) it has kept us in percentages at last year's level."

Špika emphasized that in the first seven months of this year, our guests were mostly from Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Hungary and France, and guests from Croatia are 7th on this list.

"Another part of August is waiting for us, a indian summer in the 9th month, and of course we will not stop there. Advent is expecting us in December and I can conclude that the data will eventually show that Trogir has been doing well this year" Špika concluded. (City of Trogir)

AUTHOR: Roko Kvestić