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As many as 11% more passengers on planes, 4.8% with vehicles and 3.4% more tourists than last year

19.08.2019. | Interesting news from tourism

Until last Monday, HAC and Rijeka-Zagreb Highway had a turnover of 1.8 billion HRK without VAT, 4.3% higher than in 2018, said Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković. Thousands of cars on motorways in Croatia towards the sea are not decreasing this weekend, and according to the data available so far, this year there are more tourists in our country than last year. Revenue from tolls on motorways operated by the Croatian Motorways and on the Rijeka - Zagreb motorway operated by ARZ is higher than last year, as is the number of vehicles, domestic and foreign, on our motorwaysVečernji list reports.

Minister Oleg Butković said that for this year, Croatian motorways and Rijeka - Zagreb motorways had a total turnover, excluding VAT, of 1.837.555.230 HRK, which is an increase of 4.3% compared to last year.

The number of hotel guests is growing as well

By mid-August, almost 13.6 million tourists were in Croatia, up 3.4% from last year. 70.5 million overnight stays were accomplished, which is an increase of 0.7% compared to last year. According to the Croatian National Tourist Board, from January to July this year, Germans, Slovenes, Austrians, Poles, Italians, Britons, Czechs came to Croatia the most, which are registered in the eVisitor system.

However, due to the well-known Croatian practice of not registering all the guests in the apartments, which has not yet been eradicated, there were more tourists this year.

The total turnover of Croatian Motorways and the Rijeka Zagreb Highway in HRK, excluding VAT, this year until last Monday was 1.837.555.230 HRK, and last year 1.761.592.540 HRK. Of that, Croatian Motorways traffic this year was 1.227.743.268 HRK, while last year it was lower - 1.177.327.951 HRK. The number of vehicles, both domestic and foreign, that passed through motorway sections under the control of the Croatian Highways and the Rijeka - Zagreb highway by last Monday climbed to 37.250.225, an increase of 4.8%, as 35.548.706 vehicles passed our highways last year. - Butković says.

How many tourists hit the Croatian motorways this weekend will be known today when the data is processed.

Airports in Zadar and Rijeka have strengthened

Although the restaurateurs are crying that the season has fallen short, that there are no tourists, because they do not spend money on them as they expected despite expensive prices, it is obvious from all known figures that the number of tourists this year is higher than it was last year. By mid-August, there were 6% more guests in hotels than last year, in private accommodation 4% more, the only modest increase in overnight stays, which is 0.7% higher than in 2018. Namely, by mid-August 2019, 70,5 million overnight stays were accomplished.

Croatian airports also recorded a total of 4.3 million passengers in the first half of this year, or almost 11% more than in the same period last year. Among the nine Croatian airports, the largest number of passengers went through Split Airport in June, 510.400, which is 8.2% more than in June last year.

After Split airport, the largest number of passengers in June was on Dubrovnik Airport, 413.600, which is an increase of 14.1% compared to the same period last year. The third is Zagreb Airport Franjo Tuđman with almost 333.000 passengers, or 0.7% more than in June 2018. The largest increase in the number of passengers, from 44% to 39%, was achieved in that month by Zadar and Rijeka airports, through which 121.400 and 30.500 passengers respectively passed. It can be expected that new data on the number of passengers at airports will correspond to the increase so far.

AUTHOR: Roko Kvestić