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Cycling track and new promenade for attracting more guests

21.08.2019. | Cycling

In Podstrana Tourist Board the final conference of the Podstrana Walk and Bike project was held, organized by Poslovni tjednik, Večernji List and Podstrana Municipality, in which the recently completed project largely co-financed by EU funds was presented.

At the panel discussion "The importance of developing sports infrastructure for the development of tourism, the economy and for improving the standard of living of citizens", interesting information was presented by Danira Zanki, Head of the Administrative Department for Public Procurement, Economy, Social Affairs and EU Funds of Podstrana Municipality, prof. Dr. Neven Šerić from the Faculty of Economics in Split and Denis Špadina, President of the Cycling Federation of Split-Dalmatia County, moderated by journalist Ana Abrahamsberg. Head of the Municipality Mladen Bartulović pointed out that the cycle path and promenade are a part of a more comprehensive project for the coastline from the mouth of the Žrnovnica river to the sports port Strožanac, which cost more than 18 million HRK.

“The coastal-river promenade project cost us 10 million HRK, of which 8.5 million HRK received grants from EU funds, and 1.5 million HRK was Municipality cost, and we also withdrew this part from other funds. On the coastal strip from mouth of Žrnovnica to the Hotel Lav. We got a beach, parking, communal infrastructure for restaurants and other facilities, a children's playground, two sand volleyball courts, a promenade, a cycling path.” Bartulović said with satisfaction. It is an area that was a sandy beach 50 years ago, however, there was a wild embankment and it was systematically devastated. “This lasted until 2010, when we in the Municipality adopted a plan for landscaping, and then in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Split, we prepared the project documentation. We were the first to withdraw funds for cycling tracks provided by the Urban agglomeration of Split.”- said Bartulović.

Danira Zanki explained that the projects of the Urban Agglomeration of Split were approved by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds for the use of the ITU mechanism. Integrated territorial investment is a mechanism (ITU mechanism) of the European Union, which was introduced with the aim of strengthening the role of cities as a driver of economic development. The territorial scope of the Urban agglomeration of Split comprises 7 municipalities and 6 cities. The Podstrana walk & bike seaside promenade and cycle path is located in the western part of Podstrana Municipality, and includes new 363 meters of cycle paths and promenades along the left bank of the Žrnovnica River, 1610 meters long. The location of the trail is ideal for relaxation, rest and recreation, equipped with information boards, smart benches and display cabinets with charted routes. Bartulović announced the continued construction of cycling tracks, as well as the application of the Podstrana walk and bike project in anti-obesity funds.

“We want to change the minds and habits of young people, bring them into nature. The aim is to enable cycling from Trogir to Omiš. We started, and I will make another 7 km of trails in the next 10 years. We will connect with the cycling path, and Omiš has withdrawn 8.5 million HRK and they started to work.”- said Bartulović.

“The promenade and cycle path will contribute to the development of cyclotourism, will also bring in new guests, they are good consumers, and come in the pre-season and post-season. It will prolong the season, stimulate a different offer, but tourism comes as a bonus to us, we built it first and foremost with the desire that, like the whole coast, it will be a new lounge for our citizens and raise their quality of life. This is our first major EU project and we have extremely significant experiences that we have acquired and will transfer to future projects.” - said Danira Zanki and added that locals and tourists admirably embraced the new promenade and trail. We were convinced of this at its official opening as cyclists were already riding. We were convinced of this at its official opening as cyclists were already riding. After the Walk & Bike Conference, Podstrana is preparing another one. According to historical sources, King Arthur spent his retirement days in Podstrana where he died and was buried. In November, a conference will be held on this topic, which will bring together many historians, tourism professionals and others.

SOURCE: Večernji list; photo: Općina podstrana