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The Worlds Smallest Town: Hum Croatia Istria

24.04.2016. | Interesting news from tourism
I’ve been back home from my recent #ShareIstria adventure for just 24 hours and I am so excited to share with you this little discovery. By little I don’t mean figuratively I mean literally small – so small the locals have declared Hum ‘The Worlds Smallest Town.’

Despite reading (and hearing) over and over that Hum is listed as the Guinness Book of Records holder, I can not find proof. Nor can I find any other town in the world so small. The Vatican City is smaller, but it’s also a country, so you decide. Either way. I introduce to you the teeny tiny Town of Hum.

Hum (pronounced who-m) is located in central Istria, approximately 2.5 hours drive from Croatia’s capital Zagreb. When I last wrote about this medieval hilltop town, I thought it had 21 inhabitants (2011 census), but it seems that between 2011, and 2016 there has been a baby boom. There are now 27 people who call Hum home – including four little ones.

I always shout about how safe Croatia is for kids and how we love that part of our life here. But this little town must be the quietest and safest town to live with children. That is if you discount the cobblestone streets. Of which there are just two. Yes, only two streets.

Surrounded by nature Hum is beyond charming. We drove up to the town gates, and I could tell instanly that it had a unique appeal. An enormous copper door shields the entrance to the town which has striking handles adorned with Glagolitic Script (more on that later)

My guide suggested we close to the doors to get a look at the boškarin (Istrian Ox) horns that protect the entrance. It was a great tip; I suggest you try it.

What to do in Hum
Whilst there isn’t a lot in terms of touristic attractions in Hum town, simply due to its size, it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery you will set your eyes on and has a tavern which serves traditional Istrian meals.

Admire the frescos in the Romanic chapel of St. Jerolim.

SOURCE: Croatia travel blog
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