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Swimming suit ban in Dubrovnik historical core active
DATE: 31.07.2016.
TYPE: Local Destinations

If you plan to visit the glorious city of Dubrovnik in Croatian southern territories, carry an extra pair of shorts. The local governors have decided to issue a swimming suit ban in Dubrovnik, a decision which is effective immediately and covers the territory of city’s historical core.
The ancient settlement, known for its ramparts with a view of surrounding Adriatic Sea, can literally be described as a large outdoor museum. Numerous points of interest and general fantasy-inspiring vibe of the city gather thousands of foreign visitors every year, especially after Dubrovnik became a filming set of mega-popular serial ‘Game of Thrones’.
However, the magic quickly vanishes once people in wet swimming suits take a seat next to ancient monuments, as their oil-covered backs reflect the blaze of Mediterranean sun above. In order to preserve the historical value and identity, the governors opted to issue a swimming suit ban, asking their visitors to carry light gowns or shorts while being in the culturally important areas. Numerous signs of warnings are being stationed across such spaces, so there will be no excuse.
According to our sources, trespassers in their swimmies might be charged up to 1000 HRK/ 130 € by community workers. So it’s prudent to follow the instruction. Up to this point, scarce clothing was forbidden only in sacral places such as churches and monasteries.
Despite a few angry faces, tourists generally agree with the swimming suit ban in Dubrovnik historical core. As well as locals, visitors believe that appropriate clothing contributes to experiencing the renowned city, and adds to its positive vibes. After all, there are plenty of fantastic beaches on Dubrovnik coastline, where swimming suits are not only welcomed, but literally mandatory way of clothing.
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SOURCE: Like Croatia
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