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Biking around Dubrovnik – discovering islands, coast and hinterland.
DATE: 16.12.2016.
TYPE: Our tours

Our active bike journey starts at south of Croatia, in the region of Dubrovnik, specifically in the area of Konavle. We will see rural architecture, natural surroundings and the charm of Konavle.

Second part of our journey includes one part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will follow the trails of an old Austro – Hungarian narrow – gauge railway trough which a very famous train Ćiro used to operate. This railway was opened for traffic in 1901. and closed in May 1976. This part of the journey will be a chance to learn about Ćiro and about its interesting history – from the preparations for building of the railway to the actual building in the 20th century.

Next on our way are paths of Republic of Dubrovnik and Ston, which was one of the most important centres in that time. It was famous by the saltworks that were the foundation of wealth and trade of the Republic of Dubrovnik. Saltworks in Ston are still active today, although the production has less significance then before. The thing that has never changed since the Republic of Dubrovnik is the manner of producing which is based solely on nature - sun and sea. During our stay in Ston we will taste oysters and one of the wines made in Pelješac. From Žuljana on the peninsula Pelješac, we will take a ride along the slopes and sunlit hills where native sorts of grape vine are being grown. The most important grape vines for the developement of this region are Postup and Dingač.

Another part of our journey is a trip to NP Mljet, where we will drive along the coast of Big Lake (Veliko jezero) and discover beauties of the „Island of Odysseus“. These parts of the island are the woodiest parts od croatian archipelago.

While speaking about islands we have to mention and visit the island of Korčula. Korčula is the island of Marco Polo, known by its beautiful architectural masterpieces made of local stone. There, we will see numerous pieces of art from the local and foreign carvers and builders. Our journey will continue towards beautiful beaches of Lumbarda. While driving there we will be able to see the vineyards and olive groves of Pelješac. Lumbarda was once a greek settlement. It is famous by its vineyard and sandy soil where a native sort of vine grape Grk can be grown. It is believed that Grk dates from the age of greek colonization in the adriatic.

Our journey along the souther coast of Croatia, as you can see, is a journey of gastronomic adventures and discovering of nature, traditions and monuments.

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