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Ciro Railroad Trail aroused great interest in Europe

14.03.2017. | Our tours
Few days ago at the "Termag" Hotel on Jahorina our travel agency onlyCroatia had a sucessful meeting with representatives of the Association for the promotion of the cycling" HerzegovinaBike " where we discussed the tourist potential of old Ciro Railroad Trail.

Association for the promotion of cycling "HerzegovinaBike" and its representatives are directly involved in the evaluation of narrow-gauge railway Ciro and its conversion into a cycling route, which should enrich the tourist offer of Herzegovina on a completely new and higher level.

The meeting on Mount Jahorina was held in the hotel "Termag" with the aim of forming a contract between the owners of the agency OnlyCroatia and representatives of "HerzegovinaBike" in order to present Ciro Railroad Trail through tourism offer of Herzegovina and for attraction of many tourists to use the route and ethno, gastro and cultural offer of Herzegovina, which is linked to a Ciro Railroad Trail.

Mr. Ognjen Kadic, representative of OnlyCroatia said: "A few years ago, when I came to visit the cave Vjetrenica with the scouts, I was talking to my colleagues and mentioned that on that road will be a cycling track soon, pointing to the old Ciro railway. It's just a trend throughout the world, so the railroad Ciro will be converted into a cycling route and presented throughout tourism. The route is ideal for cycling due to its low slope which allows cyclists to relax without much effort and enjoy riding the bike ".

"We are happy by the fact that our project" Ciro " is recognized in the world, and that all our plans are moving in the direction that we set said Toni Zoric, President of HerzegovinaBike.

Ciro Railroad Trail moving from Mostar to Konavle in a distance of 200 kilometers, and route includes tourist offer of Mostar (Old Bridge), Blagaj, Pocitelj, Capljina, Hutovo blato, Zavala and Ivanica, and finally Croatian and Konavle. One huge potential which is still waiting to be recognized.

Railway trail served the people, associated countries, regions, nations and cultures.

For the nations of this region it was very useful railway, and enabled them a better life and the overall progress and left their mark of civilization on the places where Ciro went with its roaring, beating, whistling and steaming for decades. A similar situation could be repeated today, one hundred years after Ciro's existance, that railway could serve again as a rescue option for Herzegovina, and re-connect states, regions, people and cultures, but this time through its tourist offer.

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