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Cycling: Ciro Railroad

25.04.2017. | Local Destinations
I drank my afternoon coffe on Sarajevo airport while I was waiting for squad from Belgium. With Alexandra, Marc and Yves I went to Barscarsija and tasted meatballs. After dinner we are heading to Mostar.
Wonderful Saturday morning in city on river Neretva was perfect for cycling, so we decided to ride Ciro Railroad route. Starting from Old Bridge we visited springhead Blagaj, and trough river bank rode to Pocitelj. We discovered its old town and moved on to Mogorjelo, our final destination that day.
On Easter morning the atmosphere was very pleasant, and after breakfast we continued our trip. We started from amazin Vjetrenica cave. On the road from Zavala to Ivanica we were riding trough intact Herzegovina countryside. Ivanica amazed us with stunning view on Dubrovnik, a breath-taking scene. We went to lunch and started packing. During ride Yves told me about their friends who are coming next week for 7 days Ciro railroad ride. He sounded very jelaous of them.
Before take off we stopped in Jablanica and ate famous lamb. We had little problem with Alexandra, because she is a vegetarian. But we found solution and she tasted local specialty spinach.

BIKE tip:
Cycling excursion for nature lovers and lovers of history

Practical advice:
Medium demanding paths suitable for amateurs, I recommend riding in spring and beginning or end of the summer
Cycling: Ciro Railroad

AUTHOR: Ivan Cvitkovic
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