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Cycling: Wine road Peljesac
DATE: 02.05.2017.
TYPE: Local Destinations
AUTHOR: Ivan Cvitkovic

Alice, Jean and Thomas are my friends from French region Brittany and they are coming to our region this spring. They are lovers of nature, sport and food. So I decided to take them to the peninsula Peljesac.

In Ston we were welcomed by our friend Ognjen, who prepared unforgetable excursion for us. After walk around Ston walls we are coming back to town and preparing for a bike ride. By the road next to the ancient salt-tower, we climb to the hills behind which we arrive at the fishing village of Kobas. Local population showed us old techniques of fishing. Especially delighted was Alice whose beard Šime caught the sea star.

We came back to Ston for lunch. Squad heard a lot of stories about oysters and wanted to taste them. During lunch time Ognjen told us about wine history of Peljesac, then we continued our trip to Zuljana by car.

Starting from Zuljana we are riding trough wine road. This vineyards full of sunshine, are creating Dingac, the best wine in Croatia. I knew that Thomas is wine lover, so I recommended pause in a winery. Sipping wine with a view of the open sea is a real holiday for the soul. Driving back to the car Thomas was describing the experience in superlatives and promised to come back again at the end of summer.

BIKE tip:
An unforgettable cycling trip for lovers of nature and gastronomy

Practical advice:
Medium demanding asphalt trails suitable for amateur, I recommend ride in spring and beginning or the end of summer
Cycling: Wine road Peljesac
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