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The peak of the season in Dubrovnik
DATE: 01.08.2017.
TYPE: Local Destinations
AUTHOR:, Josip Ostojic team spent one day in Dubrovnik to check how it breathes our biggest tourist center and one of the world's most famous destinations at the peak of the tourist season.

This tourist season already overthrows all the records and is certainly remembered on the entire coast, as well as in Dubrovnik, with a double-digit percentage increase of guests arrivals and overnights. Dubrovnik has been just on the border of overload for a while, and crowds and throng are felt at every step in the city center. Tourists come from almost all parts of the world, and it is not difficult to discern large groups of people from Japan and Korea to Brazil and Argentina who enjoy the beauty of this magnificent city. Varied offers of souvenirs and various attractions are created to attract the attention of tourists.

The latest news related to Dubrovnik and his reputation is that the 25th film from the James Bond series, with Daniel Craig in the main role, will be filming this winter in Dubrovnik. Concerning this topic, it is interesting to hear the sellers who alluding to the famous serial Games of trones in front of a souvenir shop in the middle of the summer shout "Winter is coming!"

See more about Dubrovnik on the following link:,Dubrovnik

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