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Beauty and crowd at the National park Krka

07.08.2017. | Local Destinations
Numerous domestic and foreign visitors visit NP Krka every day in search of natural beauties and also for refreshments of ultra high temperature at theirs waterfalls.

For tourists who come to Croatia during the year, especially during the summer season, one of the unavoidable destinations to visit is definitely the Krka National Park. NP Krka says that Skradinski buk and Roški slap are the most visited parts. Both waterfalls are easy to reach and appeal to true nature lovers, those who are interested in folk customs and anyone who wants to enjoy the hospitality and cultural offer.

Skradinski buk can be reached via the entrance Lozovac, where a free parking space is provided, and from April to October for individual visitors there is also a free shuttle bus from the entrance to the waterfall.

The second entrance is in Skradin, and visitors to the waterfalls are transported by ships organized by NP Krka from april to october. From the entrance of Lozovac to Skradinski buk is also a pedestrian path 875 m long, or from Skradin direction 4 km long path, which is also a cycling trail. From Skradinski buk there are, boat excursions to Visovac and Roški slap.

For the first time in one of our national parks, a visit restriction was introduced to preserve nature. The tourist counter at the main attraction of Krka falls, the Skradinski buk, runs from the beginning of the season and redirects tourists when the maximum permitted number is reached. This is unique in Croatia till now. Like in NP Plitvice number of visitors to Skradinski buk reached the upper acceptable limit for the preservation of the ecosystem. And the number of tourists is growing steadily - the national park this season recorded an 33% increase. Among them are those who think that there are two much people at Skradinski buk.

You can see now more beautiful pictures from visiting onlyCroatia team to National Park Krka:

AUTHOR:, Josip Ostojić
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