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Croatia // ZG/Central Croatia // Zagreb

Croatia // ZG/Central Croatia // Zagreb
Zagreb is the Croatian capital, and largest city in Croatia by population. Historically, the city of Zagreb has grown from two villages in the neighboring hills, Gradec and the Kaptol, which form the core of today's Zagreb, its historical center.
Zagreb is an administrative, economic, cultural, and scientific center ofCroatia. City of Zagreb is a special unique, territorial, administrative and self-governing unit that has the county status.

City of Zagreb, rich culture and strong economic and commercial center, located at the intersection of important routes between Central Europe and the Adriatic coast. To tourists and visitors Zagreb offers classic baroque atmosphere of the old Upper Town, authentic open-air markets, numerous squares, promenades, green parks, authentic cuisine and friendly hosts.
Accommodation in Zagreb range from private accommodation, hotels and hostels.
Like other metropolis ,there are known hotel chains with its hotels, but also plenty of small family hotel with quite affordable prices.
Zagreb is in addition to culture, history and quality accommodation boasts a whopping surroundings teeming with places to visit, old castles, ski resorts, recreation centers and other variety of entertainment.
ZG/Central Croatia
Zagreb: What to do / What to see?
The Lotrščak Tower
Issuing the Golden Bull of 1242, Bela IV, the king of Hungary and Croatia, returned the favor to the town of Gradec for providing hospitalit...
Banus Josip Jelacic Square
This is a central square of Zagreb, located in the town's center. In the middle of the square is a statue of banus Jelacic on the horse. T...
The Botanical Gardens, Trg Marka Marulića 9A
Running parallel to the railway tracks, the Botanical Gardens form the southern part of the green belt known as Lenuci’s Horseshoe. Every ...
Museum of Contemporary Art
The Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 1954.It is situated on a major traffic route which is an important link between Zagreb...
Maksimir Park
Maksimir is the biggest and most beautiful park in Zagreb. It holds a special significance for the citizens of Zagreb. In the past, they str...
Ilica street
If you like shopping, but not shopping centres, you should go to Ilica, the most famous Zagreb street in the very centre of Zagreb. Its seri...
Medival fortress from the 13th century, deserted following an earthquake in 1590. Its reconstruction began in 1974. Of special interest are ...
Croatian Naive Art Museum
This is considered the first museum of naive art in the world. The museum keeps works of Croatian naive expression of the 20th century. It i...
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NP Lonjsko Polje
Lonjsko Polje (Lonja Field) is the largest protected wetland in both Croatia and the entire Danube basin. It covers an area of 505.6 ...
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