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Croatia // Istria // Green Istria

Croatia // Istria // Green Istria
The part of Istria in the countryside is know as Green Istria where are situated Pazin, Motovun, Hum- the smallest town in the world.

If you wish to feel the atmosphere of good old country households, wholesome dishes of the traditional cuisine, romantic hearths and scented wine cellars, discover the charms of country tourism, small family-run rural hotels and homesteads.
Through the enjoyment in the noble drops and home-made food while sitting on wooden benches under a rosebush or next to the hearth, you will taste all the gentleness of Istria and the beauty of it inhabitants’ lives. When the birdsong wakes you in a warm cosy bed of a traditional Istrian country house, you will feel that everything has an air of tranquility and that time goes by at a slower pace. The view from the window will open on fields, vineyards, olive-groves and gardens; gentle scenes which reflect the work of hard-working hands. If you feel like it, you can mount a horse and go for a ride through the woods nearby. When you get to know these households, you will feel as if you have strolled into an idyllic scene of country life right off the canvas of an old painting.

Towns in the interior of Istria
Ancient Istrian towns were built on the peaks of the hills: today they are treasure troves of antiquity. For centuries they have stood on the hilltops, crowning their beauty. Their thick walls witnessed the arrival of master builders and artists who added to their splendour. The doors to these ancient towns are always open, and the church bells beckon the visitors to enter. There are flocks of doves in there, men chat in the streets, and children play in the shade of ancient lime tress. The sun bathes the tranquil scene in a golden glow.
Green Istria: What to do / What to see?
Motovun walls
The earliest preserved Motovun walls date back to the 11th and 12th centuries when tall and mighty bulwarks fortified with towers were built...
Church of St.Stephen
The parish church of St. Stephen was erected in place of an older church which was, in its turn, erected most probably on the foundations of...
Motovun Film Festival
Additional motivation to visit the ancient city is several events, festivals, concerts, cultural, entertainment and sporting events. One in ...
The parish church of St. Nicholas
It was originally built in 1266, but it was rebuilt in 15th and 18th century. It is very interesting because of its star shaped presbytery w...
East of Sisan above the sea there is an 88 m high hill known as Svetica or Monte Madonna. On the top of it, there are the remains of ruins o...
The Franciscan Monastery
It originates from the middle 15th century. It has a late Gothic presbytery based on the model of St. Nicholas. Through history, the monaste...
Labin, a picturesque town situated on a 320 meters high hill and only three kilometers from the seaside, was inhabited already two thousand ...
The Castle of Pazin
The biggest and the best-preserved medieval fortress in Istria. It was first mentioned in documents from 983. Today, the Ethnographic Museum...
Total Tips:
Visit: Motovun in the heart of Istrie
Motovun is located on a hill in central Istria above south shore mean flow Mirna at 277 m above sea level.

Cobblestone st...
Trip: Cave of Pazin
The Cave of Pazin is the most picturesque example of natural forces at work on the karst Istrian terrain.

Under the walls ...
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Green Istria
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