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Walking tour: Wild Horses, Livno
* Private tour will be organized for less than 4 people with a one-time surcharge of: 60 Eur


Arrival in Livno
Transfart and Walking to the wild horses
Meeting with horses
Option: Lunch and Tasting a Livno cheese
The proposed itinerary is for information purposes only, and is subject to change depending on the participants and the situation on the field.

Excursion's informations

To tell a bit more about these horses, a group of about 200 wild animals, they live in the rough nature near Livno, a traditional and interesting town, not so far over the Bosnian border.

When small farmers in the last century (cca. 1970)where heading from the countryside to the cities to find jobs, many gave their horses back to nature, where they surprisingly well survived the harsh climate of hot summers and freezing winters.
At the moment the group totals about 200 animals, coming together or spliting up in smaller groups depending on season and circumstances.

Recently the town of Livno decided to start a protection programme, as these noble animals are fantastic to observe in their natural habitat, the impressive plains and mountains around Livno, and an excellent tourist attraction.


Price includes

Transport, Fees

Price excludes


Additional Information

Included in price:
- Excursion with a local guide

On request
- Tasting: Livno cheese 8 €
- Lunch: Speciality of Herzegovina 20 €

Walking tour: Wild Horses, Livno

- Starts from:
- Also available transfers from:
Split, Mostar,Sarajevo
(Send request for transfer)
- Excursion duration:
10:00 - 17:30
- Departure date:
Every day
- Active from :

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