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Canoeing: West Herzegovina, down the Trebižat river

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Canoeing: West Herzegovina, down the Trebižat river

Starts from: Ljubuški
Excursion duration: 09:00 - 14:00
Also available transfers from: Mostar, Split, Makarska, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo
(Send request for transfer)
Departure date: Every day
Active from: 01.06.-15.09.2018.

Canoeing: West Herzegovina, down the Trebižat river

Starts from: Ljubuški
Excursion duration: 09:00 - 14:00
50,00 EUR/Person
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onlyCROATIA ACTIVE: Canoeing
Canoeing down the Trebižat river
Availability: morning & afternoon
Start point: Koćuša falls, Ljubuški

onlyCROATIA assistance:
- Kanuing: equipment, waterproof bag
- Specialized guide
- Lunch: local cuisine

On request:
Transfer to start point


Start point: fall of Koćuša, Ljubuski
Canoeing: fall of Koćuša, Trebižat River, Čeveljuša beach
Lunch: traditional cuisine
Transfer: end to start point
The proposed itinerary is for information purposes only, and is subject to change depending on the participants and the situation on the field.

Excursion's informations

The Trebižat is a river in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a major right tributary of the Neretva river it is also the beautiful start point of this tour. The rivers that is flowed through include:

River Mlada winds up from 10 to 12 meters in width to 30 meters. This waterfall does not have any major oscillations in water quantities throughout the year like the slush of Kravica. Close to this river are mills some of which still work today.

The Trebižat River , named after the nine names above the waterfall Koćuša, is called Mlada, and below it gets the name we know it best. The waterfall is located in Veljci village, twelve kilometers away from Ljubuški, upstream from Vitina, almost on the border with Croatia. It's solidly labeled and you will not have a problem finding it.

Koćuša Waterfall impresses above all with its width of more than fifty feet, which with five meters of height slopes, makes an imposing water slide. When you stand on the shore, you have the impression that the water wall all around you, you hear a deafening noise, and from the inside you feel the cold air nature is carrying with you.

Overall a breathtaking experience where you get intimate with untouched serene nature. A wonderful experience for any nature lover and group activity.

With our assistance there is provided everything needed for canoeing, an inclusive lunch and transfer to and from end to start point. On request there can be a transfer to the start point from: Mostar, Split, Makarska, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo