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 Rafting: Tara River

Excursion's informations

"Every rafting is diametrically different from any previous one, Nothing can be repeated two times because the water level can vary. Once BUK was here, the next time it is no more? "

It's easy - Tara is UNREPEATABLE!

The Tara - "Tear of Europe" - is drinkable all the way and gives you unforgettable moments and quite confusing feelings of rafting - the hysterical euphoria to the blessed calm.
A treasure trove of geological and fantastic content, natural laboratory - floating 90 miles away, and the starting point for rafting Rafting (2 km above Đurđevića bridge) until its confluence itself.
The upper reaches of the river is rich in natural beauty and untouched part of nature - free from civilization. Navigation of this part is accompanied by views of the master of that part of the sky - eagle - with a wingspan of up to two meters.
Lower flow Tara from Brštanovica to its mouth (at a distance of 14 km), abounds with countless small and large sparkling cascades (waterfalls), most notably Brštanovački buk, pines, Celije, Vjernovica buk, red rocks and others
. According to the level of attractiveness for rafting Tara River is from III-V level (on the international scale of this river), which was ranked at the top of world's most attractive rivers, the Colorado and Zambezi.
Rafting implemented by experienced professionals with specialized and dedicated unsinkable boats for white water and the mandatory use of rafting equipment.
Each participant receives a rafting: neoprene suit, neoprene boots, belt rafting, and in case of bad weather, there are also slicker.


Be sure to bring documents: identity card or passport,
It is necessary to carry clothes for customised stay in nature,
For all programs, we have a complete rafting and camping equipment.
All rafting participants need to abide skipper,
Rafting can carry the camera
Programs which included tours of mountain guides are provided from the Mountain Rescue Service,
Sleeping in bungalows and tents
It is desirable but not necessary to bring your own sleeping bag.
Intake of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are not allowed in camp.
Programs can be changed as desired, and organize programs combined rafting + mountains and lakes,
Cost of the program are approximate and vary depending on number of participants, the number of vocational guidance, types of menu and all the other elements that affect the adjustment of the specific needs and desires of each individual client,
Registration and payment are received with advance payment of 30% of the total value of the arrangement, and the rest before the start of the arrangement,
In the event of cancellation organizer is not obliged to return the deposit.

Price includes

Lunch, Fees

Rafting: Tara River

- Starts from:
- Also available transfers from:
Perast, Dubrovnik, Mostar
(Send request for transfer)
- Excursion duration:
09:00 - 17:00
- Departure date:
Every day
- Active from :

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