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Mountain Hiking: Cvrsnica


Breakfast at Blidinje
Hiking on Čvrsnica
Local cuisine dinner with local wine
The proposed itinerary is for information purposes only, and is subject to change depending on the participants and the situation on the field.

Excursion's informations

Čvrsnica is one of the highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the northern part of Herzegovina. With the highest peak 2228 m above sea level it is the highest mountain in Herzegovina.

It is interesting that Čvrsnica is located on the territory of three municipalities and is also an integral part of the park Blidinje. Because of the unusual beauty of its natural environment is a regular destination for mountaineers from the country and the entire region. In its immediate vicinity there is a slightly lower Vran-mountain (2074m).

The hiking trail begins with the gate of the monastery Masna luka and immediately immersed in dense pine forest endemic "whitebark pine" and easily overcome the hill to the valley Borićevac, then again this time steeper dives into the pine forest from which emerges only at 1600 meters above sea level on a plateau Čvrsnica. The final climb to the top of the moraines is slippery and steep. In a military base at the top can be supplied with water or shelter from a storm.

Veliki Vilinac is the second largest peak Čvrsnica.
The starting point of hiking trail is from Vitlenice with 1470 meters above sea level. (The park Blidinje). Marked trail leads through the pine forest. At about 3 km path there is a mountain refuge Zaglavlje (1560 m). The path then at 1860 m above sea level branches for Hajdučka vrata, a mountain house Vilinac, and the top of Veliki Vilinac. Mountain house Vilinac is located under the southern slopes of Veliki Vilinac and this is allowed to stay with previous booking.

Hajdučka Vrata (2000 m asl) are located on the eastern part of Cvrsnica. It takes an hour walk from the Veliki Vilinac. This is a natural phenomenon of indescribable beauty. Hajdučka vrata for centuries created the natural conditions on the site. In nature it is a ring of rocks through which the winds and are located on the edge of the canyon Dive Grabovice.There are lot of storys and legends about it. They are providing a very nice view of the rock of Veliki Kuk, Mezić rock, Pestibrdo, Čabulja, Prenj ... in a word, it is a place with one of the most beautiful views.


Blidinje Nature Park located between the mountain ranges Čvrsnica and Vran . Blidinje area is a unique natural phenomenon, which contains many endemic species of flora and fauna with a lot of sources of clean, fresh water.

Named after the Blidinje lake which is located in the bottom of Dugo fields at an altitude of 1184. The most famous sights of the park by the lake are rich in archaeological sites and cemeteries with 150 medieval tombstones in Dugo field that has received the status of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the park is the famous shrine at Kedžara known for grave Dive daughter Luke Grabovca from Rama. At the place where the Divin's grave is every year in May pilgrimage many people, especially girls.

In the park is located and modern ski center, which is the winter destination for many visitors.

- starting point Blidinje 1300m
- walking time 8 hours
- height difference 900m
- drinkig water: yes

- starting point Blidinje 1400m
- walking time 7 hours
- height difference 700 m
- drinking water: yes

- starting point Bldinje 1450 m
- walking time 6 hours
- height difference 650 m
- drinking water: yes

Price includes

Tickets, Lunch, Fees

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Additional Information

Included in price:
-Breakfast: Montain's
-Lunch: Local cuisine

On request:
Transfer: Mostar-Blidinje
Bicycle rental available:
-Classic: 15 €
-Electric: 35 €

Mountain Hiking: Cvrsnica

- Starts from:
- Also available transfers from:
Mostar, Split, Sarajevo
(Send request for transfer)
- Excursion duration:
08:00 - 19:00
- Departure date:
Every day
- Active from :

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Total distance:
21179 m

Max elevation:
2229 m

Total climbing: 2366 m

Total descent: -1195 m



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