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Nature Park Blidinje

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* Private excursion:
supplement per excursion 120 Eur

Nature Park Blidinje

Starts from: Blidinje
Excursion duration: 09:00 - 17:00
Also available transfers from: Mostar, Sarajevo, Split, Dubrovnik
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Departure date: Every day
Active from: 01.03-01.10

Nature Park Blidinje

Starts from: Blidinje
Excursion duration: 09:00 - 17:00
0,00 EUR/Person
* Private excursion:
supplement per excursion 120 Eur
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Natural Park: Blidinje
Meeting point: Entrance in NP
- Specialized guide

On request:
- ACTIVE: Walking, Hiking, MTB
Lunch: local cuisine, 20 €
Transfer to meeting point

Excursion's informations

Bdinje Nature Park is in Bosnia and Herzegovina and established on the 30 April 1995. It is situated in the heart of Dinaric Alps and represent important natural, hydrogeological reservat in Dinaric karst of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with significant cultural and historical heritage. An overall experience for any nature lover to endure.

The open and barren valley leading into the park is a result of the two past ice ages. The melting glaciers from Cvrsnica created this massive valley between Cvrsnica and Vran mountains. Blidinje Lake is the direct result of a glacial retreat located at 1,184m in the valley below. Accompanying some of the rocky and seemingly lifeless slopes are thick forests of pine, including the endemic white-bark pine at Masna Luka called Pinus leuco dermis. Three types of wild thyme and dozens of wild flowers cover the valley and mountain sides in the spring and summer.

It is not clear how long human settlements have existed here but research began when Blidinje recently received Nature Park status. Traces of Illyrian graves and Roman roads indicate that Blidinje has been settled for at least 2,500 years. The large necropolis at Dugo Polje indicates that the waves of Slavs that came in the 7th century also made this area their home.

On request of assistance for this tour there is entrance for groups and individuals, a included specialised guide which can join on activities such as walking and cycling, a lunch and accommodation and transfer to and from the national park


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