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Flying and Air gliding: Prijedor

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Flying and Air gliding: Prijedor

Starts from: Prijedor
Excursion duration: 08:00 - 18:00
Also available transfers from: Banja Luka, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Split
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Departure date: Every day
Active from: 01.01-31.12

Flying and Air gliding: Prijedor

Starts from: Prijedor
Excursion duration: 08:00 - 18:00
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Glide Flight Academy, Prijedor
Meeting point: Urije airport, Prijedor
Panoramic flight: Kozara National Park

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GFA Airplane school: PPL(A) licence
GFA Guildes school: SPL licence
Theory approved courses
Flying approved courses
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Excursion's informations

Our offer is based on whole-day trips for student pilots and their companions and it is adjusted to clients We are in friendly relations with regional partners : Air gliding schools from Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia

Because of the very favorable weather conditions and free airspace primary activity of the club is gliding. Many testify that this is the most beautiful form of flight when the pilot and glider merge in search of heights and distances using winds, mountain slopes and thermal air currents which in our region does not lack, indeed, Prijedor and its surroundings abound Meteorological diversity that benefits all the techniques of aeronautical races .

Aero Club "Prijedor"
Prijedor is aviation sports organization, which was founded in 1952. Glidin school in Aero Club "Prijedor"
Prijedor is registered 2010, and we in last five years had 40 students pilot and 4 instructor that have successfully finished their training lessons.

Basic characteristics of Urije airport are: • The runway is 900m long grass and a width of 100 m • Airport is at an altitude of 180m

On request of assistance there can be a panoramic flight: Fly over National Park Kozara