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NP Kozara

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NP Kozara

Starts from: Prijedor
Excursion duration: 09:00 - 20:00
Also available transfers from: Prijedor, Sarajevo, Mostar
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Departure date: Every day
Active from: 01.03-01.11

NP Kozara

Starts from: Prijedor
Excursion duration: 09:00 - 20:00
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Kozara Mountain became a famous site after heroic battles for freedom in WWII and in 1947 the activities for allocation and creation of the Kozara National Park started. Forests of Kozara Mountain were declared the forests of historical significance on June 6, 1957 in order to preserve the memory of the epic Kozara battle.

The preparations for declaring a part of Kozara Mountain a National Park started as early as 1959. With the main objective to preserve and protect numerous monuments made during the battles in Kozara Mountain, natural beauties and other landmarks of this region and in order to develop tourism and create better conditions for holidays and relaxation, the area was declared the National Park on April 6, 1967.

The first written record about flora in Kozara region was made by a French explorer Ami Boué in his piece “La Turqui d’Europe” (1842) where he elaborated on the notable vegetation of Kozara region. During the Ottoman reign, a Prussian scholar Franz Maurer, travelled through Bosnia and passed by Kozara Mountain in 1868. He published the diary of this journey in 1869 and in 1871, where the composition of forests, among other information, was mentioned.
The first detailed study of flora in Bosnia and Herzegovina was conducted by Günter Beck Mannagetta from 1903 to 1927.

In his book “The Flora of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, he mentioned several sites in Kozara Mountain. The research of flora was organised by the Botanical Sector of The Natural History Department at National Museum in Sarajevo from 1952 up to 1962, and several locations of Kozara region, which are nowadays fully or partially parts of the Kozara National Park, were included in the research.
A special emphasis has been given to the protection of natural resources, so that future generations can enjoy the beauty of the Kozara National Park ever since it was established, nowadays especially.


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