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What is is a web site which base consists of more than a hundred apartments,rooms and houses in Croatia and it enables you finding accommodation promptly at a reasonable price.

In what way runs business?

Without any obligation,visitors can search through our basis.After they find appropriate accommodation,they send us questionary about availability.If the accommodation is available,the guest confirms reservation. After confirming reservation, and the guest enter a legal relation.
Rights and obligations of the guest u can find here: Terms and conditions

What is private accommodation?

Bigger part of accommodation in Croatia makes private accommodation.This kind of accommodation is cheaper than hotel and it gives a guest greater privacy.

I have problems with choosing accommodation. I need advice and recomendation?

For all the inquiries,indistinctness,help with reservation and common questions you can contact us here Contacts

How to search your accommodation database?

Accommodation search is possible in two ways:simple and advanced research.
For simple research it's neccessary to enter a date,region,place,type of accommodation while advanced research has a lot more criteria for your search so the results will be more precise.
Research tool will make a list of all available units which satisfie your criteria.

In what currency are the prices expressed?

The prices are expressed in EUROS per night for the number of people who are registered for that particular accommodation unit.
Price includes expense of water,electricity,cutlery,bedding and towels.Final cleaning is also included in the price,except where this is seperatly stated.Tourist tax is also included, except if somewhere is differently stated.


Every unit you can store and save in MY FAVORITE.So in one place u will have all the unites you prefer. Favorite list contains dates,prices and other details which describe that particular accommodation unit.

How will I send you the questionary about availability of a certain accommodation unit?

After you choose one or more accommodation unites,which u like,go to MY FAVORITE list and choose the link Send Inquiry. There u will write your name and an e-male addresse, where we will send you information of the availability of those units.

Is there any particular check-in and check-out time?

Checking in to a unit must be at 14:00 pm, as earliest time.Checking out must be by 10:00 am

Are the pets allowed?

Only in the accommodation unites where this is pointed out as a special service.In any case pets should be reported in reservation form.

What if I don't report all the people comming?

If more people then reported in voucher,checks in accommodation unit,lesser is not obligated to accept reservation.That is why it's very important to report exact number of people comming.Chilidren should also be reported.

What is a VOUCHER?

VOUCHER is a document which proves u have made a reservation.Voucher contains information about the name and surname of the guest,number of people,date and price of reservation and contact information of the lesser. Also there are information about the accommodation unit.

How do I pay for reservation? gives you more options of payment.You can find out all the possibilities of payment here:
How to book?

What if I am late with payment of reservation?

If you are not able to pay for the reservation in given term,you must contact the agency.If you don't notifie us,there is possibilitie of canceling your reservation.

Do I get the money back in case I cancel my reservation?

Conditions of cancelation and cancelation terms are specified in common conditions of doing business. You can check them out here: Terms and conditions

Can I change reservation after the payment?

For all the changes in reservation concerning number of people,dates and accommodation unites,it is neccessary to contact our agency.All the changes must be approved by

How will I find reserve accommodation?

Together with the voucher, we send you the contact of the owner of the accommodation,as well as the map with the object in it and other neccessery information.

I have problems after checking in. What should I do?

For all the problems and complaints in any moment you can contact users support group. We will try to solve the problem immediately by making a telephone call or sending an agent to accommodation unit.

I am comming to Croatia by public means of transport.How will I make reservation of transfering to accommodation?

For all the transfers from the airport,ferryboat port or bus and train station,you are free to contact us.All about the transport you can find in here: Guests transfer

How do I rent a car?

If you don't want to depend on a public transport,on the next link you can find all about our car offer: Car rental
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