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Turistički centar Marko, Rakovica


Accommodation units

86-1 | One-bed room S1
Capacity: 1
B&B, Garden or yard view,
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86-2 | Two-bed room S2
Capacity: 2
B&B, Garden or yard view,
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86-3 | Three-bed room S3
Capacity: 3
B&B, Garden or yard view,
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Destination informations

Rakovica Municipality is located in the sourthenmost part of the Karlovac County, immediately by the boundaries of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The municipality encompasses 26 communities located on the Korana River banks. Downstream the Plitvice Lakes, the Korana watercourse resumes, forms the underground lakes in Nova Kršlja, and interconects the economic and social life in the Plitvice La ...See more

Rakovica: What to do / What to see?

Barac's caves


Cycling: Fields of Lika
village of Lovinac is located on the Southeast of the karst field, Ličko polje. Above the town of Lovinac we can find the ruins of...
NP Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest national park in Croatia.

The national park was founded in 1949 and is s...
Lika/Gorski Kotar -> Plitvice -> Rakovica

Turistički centar Marko (ID: 86)    hotels rating hotels rating hotels rating

Small family hotel


Distance from town center:
3000 m
Outdoor swimming pool
Distance from airport:

Basic informations

Restaurant inside hotel, Bar inside hotel, Built in year: 2012, Floors: 2, Internet corner, Pets,
Parking spots : Outdoor parking 50x
Total accommodation units: 30


Tourist center Marko is located about 10 km north of the center of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, on the D1 road in the village Oštarski Stanovi. In this quiet place full of beautiful landscapes in preserved nature, provide a variety of opportunities for recreation, entertainment and relaxation. From a hard trip you can relax in our comfortable rooms that are equipped with a bathroom with shower, satellite TV, WiFi in the entire property with big parking place. The complex also offers a variety of opportunities for recreation such as an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court, bike trails with the possibility of renting bicycles, playground and riding for children.

The restaurant offers a cuisine that stretches from ready – made dishes , cold side dishes, soups, hot side dishes, house specialties, game, dishes to order, fish, meat on spike and under 'peka' (lamb, veal, potatoes), salads, pizzas, lasagna and dessert, all of them served in pleasant atmosphere on terrace or air-conditioned interior.

In tourist center Marko, you will find all you need to have a thorough rest and relaxation from everyday stress.
Comfort and high-quality service make up a background to dynamic, attraction-filled, active, adventurous, hunting, fishing and conference tourism. 45 beds capacity is a perfect logistics behind a myriad of excursions, recreational possibilities, adventure feats, family vacation or simple tour of the National Park.


Distance from town center: 3000 m,
Distance from airport: ,
Ferry port: ,
Train station:


Distance from beach: 0 m
Beach type:

Recreation and fun:

Tennis court, Rent a bike, Swimming pool : Outdoor swimming pool


- Half board : 12 EUR
- Full board : 24 EUR
Restaurant inside hotel, Bar inside hotel,
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Additional facilities:

Residance tax is not included in price
* Displied prices are valid for your departure day and the prices are valid for renting till 15 days.
For the rent above 15 days, the prices are defined by arrangement.
We can arrange special prices and offers for groups over 10 persons.
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