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Krilo Jesenice (Croatia // Central Dalmatia // Split riviera)

Krilo Jesenice
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Total excursions:
Distances: 11.87 km
Pebble, Concrete
Distances: 12.98 km
Distances: 13.49 km
Rock, Pebble
Distances: 14.59 km
Distances: 14.81 km
Nightlife and places for fun
Distances: 24.65 km
Caffe bar


Krilo Jesenice is a little place 15km south-east from Split. It's a place for a nice and quiet family vacation with little shop, bakery, restaurant, nice beach and little cafe-bar. It is well known for its naval tradition and for having one of the largest old sailing boats fleet on the Adriatic coast. These old sailing boats are nowadays being used as touristic attraction still sailing across the Adriatic. Most of this ships are taking tourist excursions, cruises among Dalmatian islands, fish-picnics during the summer. First little town near Krilo is Omis that is on the river Cetina. It has big sandy beach, restaurants at the river coast, little tower above the town that offers great view over the sea coast. You can also rent boats that can drive you up the river or maybe even try rafting down the river.
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