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Metković is town situated on the banks of the Neretva River in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Today Metkovic is main town in Neretva valley with a strong cultural and sport life. In addition to his traditionally agriculture, recently are discovered tourist potentials of town. In the suburb is situated Vid, a village situated on ruins of ancient city Narona, where can be seen a number of historical monuments. Medugorje popular pilgrim shrine is situated 35 kilometers from Metkovic and a tourist resort Klek on Adriatic 20 kilometers. But what have not been used enough are the Neretva River and its tributary, rivulets and lakes. Need to be mentioned that complete Neretva delta is a natural phenomenon. One of the city's landmarks is Church of St. Elijah, the most dominant feature of the town, situated on the hill. It was built between 1867 and 1874, and is a stone building with three naves in the type of a basilica in Romanesque and neo-Gothic style. There is also a lovely view from it of the whole Neretva valley. The town has famous Ornithological Collection, one of the largest in Europe, worth to be visited. In August every year, in town is held a traditional vessel Marathon.


The city was first mentioned in a 1422 court document as a small farming town. It remained this way until the nineteenth century. During this period the city found renewed investment from the country's Austrian rulers. With the arrival of the area's first post office and school, as well as the increase of trade with the Ottoman Empire, the city began to flourish. In 1875 Emperor Francis Joseph I visited the city.

Metković is located near the ancient Roman settlement of Narona (today Vid). Narona was established as a Roman trading post, after Rome's successful war (Illyrian Wars) with the neighboring Illyrian tribe Daors (ruins of their main city are located near Stolac), and successfully grew until the 3rd century AD. After that it went on a steady decline especially after a large 4th century AD earthquake. Upon the arrival of Slavonic tribes in the mid 6th century AD, the city of Narona was abandoned with most parts being covered under silt that was carried by the river Neretva. Only minor excavations were done, most of them being concentrated on the location of Vid.

One of the city's landmarks is its Church of St. Elijah, the city's patron saint.

Metković: What to do / What to see?