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Okrug Gornji (Croatia // Central Dalmatia // Trogir riviera)

Okrug Gornji
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Diving: Trogir

Our offer is based on whole-day trips with picnic for divers and heir companions and it is adjusted to clients

We ar...
Fish picnic: Trogir and surrounding islands
Fish picnic schedule:

- Departure from Trogir or "Medena" hotel
- Visits of Solta and Drvenik Veliki islands
Quad & Buggy adventur, Trogir
Tour start:
- Intro & Standard adventure: 10,00 /13,00 /18,00
A release of liability must be signed prior the acti...
Total excursions:
Distances: 0.61 km
Rock, Pebble
Okrug Gornji
Okrug Gornji
Distances: 0.67 km
Marinova Draga Saldun
Marinova Draga Saldun
Distances: 1.41 km
Pebble, Concrete
Bijela plaža - Mavarštica
Bijela plaža - Mavarštica
Distances: 1.62 km
Rock, Pebble
Gradska Plaža
Gradska Plaža
Distances: 2.09 km
Rock, Concrete
Nightlife and places for fun
Distances: 10 km
Caffe bar


Okrug Gornji is a small tourist settlement on the Island of Ciovo, which is connected with Trogir by a movable bridge. Here are hidden numerous bays and sandy beaches which are perfect for families with small kids. One of the most famous beaches on the entire Trogir Riviera, is 2 kilometers long pebbly beach named Copacabana. On this beach you can find many attractive bars which attract during the summer days many young people. There are also offered different activities in a Sport center Max which has many props for sport on the land and in the sea. The fun lasts here even when the sun goes down, since there is a large number of restaurants and bars.
Okrug Gornji: What to do / What to see?
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