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Motovun (Croatia // Istria // Green Istria)

Visit: Motovun in the heart of Istrie
Motovun is located on a hill in central Istria above south shore mean flow Mirna at 277 m above sea level.

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Trip: Cave of Pazin
The Cave of Pazin is the most picturesque example of natural forces at work on the karst Istrian terrain.

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Motovun (Italian: Montona), is a village and municipality in Croatia, Istria. It's the best preserved medieval fortress on Istria peninsula, which developed on the top of a steep hill. In prehistoric times, the Illyrian and Celtic tribes built their fortresses on the site of Motovun today. His name is also of Celtic origin, and is derived from the word Montona, which means city in the mountains.
Motovun: What to do / What to see?
Motovun Film Festival
Motovun walls
The Bell tower of Motovun
Church of St.Stephen


History of Motovun began before the Roman period, when in this place Sekusi, a Celtic tribe, blew their village.

Motovun consists of the three parts of the city. At the top is the oldest part, underneath is "Podgrađe", and newer part "Gradiciol" descends down the slope. The town has kept a medieval look till this days.

Motovun defense consisted of two rings walls. The inner ring around the oldest part of town dates from the 13th and 14th centuries. Through it, leads inside door of the city. Around Podgrađe was a second ring of the city walls, which is entered through the out town gates from the 15th century. In them today is lapidary. Between those two doors is the external town square. On the square is the town loggia from the 17th century, a beautiful view point at the surrounding area.

Sports and recreation

Motovun has become a major tourist attraction due to its recognizable medieval shape and great climate. Visitors enjoy walking through the medieval streets, taking in views from the city walls and exploring the countryside through various bike and walking trails. The natural beauty of the place leaves no one indifferent and it is a perfect place for those who love nature and adventures.
There are opportunities for hiking, biking and paragliding

Indulgence and fun

Except cultural heritage Motovun is proud of the earth fertility, local delicacies and varieties, traditional specialties and hospitality which its citizens offer to guests. If you are looking for a perfect eno-gastronomic experience then this is the place for you. Let your senses take you through a wide range of restaurants and wineries whose selection will satisfy every taste and desire.

Motovun couisine is based on traditional Istrian recipes with white truffles act as a main character. These valuable delicacies are found in the Motovun Forest. Some of the most popular Istrian dishes served in Motovun restaurants include Istrian prosciutto, the traditional maneštra, different types of pasta (fuži, njoki, pljukanci) with sauces of fresh seasonal vegetables and homemade sausages.
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