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Pazin (Croatia // Istria // Green Istria)

Visit: Motovun in the heart of Istrie
Motovun is located on a hill in central Istria above south shore mean flow Mirna at 277 m above sea level.

Cobblestone st...
Trip: Cave of Pazin
The Cave of Pazin is the most picturesque example of natural forces at work on the karst Istrian terrain.

Under the walls ...
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Pazin is town in Istria situated in the center of the peninsula, on a plateau surrounded by hills forming the surrounding valley. The old part of town is located over the steep cliffs where below is river Pazincica and a geological phenomenon known as Pazin Cave which is the miraculous abyss which has since long ago attracted the attention of many who had a chance to see that unique work of natural forces. Renowned French writer Jules Verne dedicated the Cave of Pazin and the Castle of Pazin the main dramatic role in his novel "Mathias Sandorf". Also worth of visiting is the Castle of Pazin, the biggest and the best-preserved medieval fortress in Istria and was first mentioned in written documents in 983. A fabulous castle with a spectacular location, conquered, destroyed and rebuilt many times; Ethnographic Museum of Istria, located in the medieval castle; it collects and preserves treats and presents artifacts which are in connection with life of people in Istria peninsula; museum of the City of Pazin, situated in the medieval castle, and based in 1997 deals with collecting, processing, storage and publication of the cultural and historical materials from the Pazin and surroundings and church of Saint Nicholas, built in 1266 but few remains visible from that period as was later completely transformed in Gothic style.
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The Franciscan Monastery
The parish church of St. Nicholas
The Castle of Pazin
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