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Sali (Dugi otok) (Croatia // North Dalmatia // Zadar riviera)

Sali (Dugi otok)
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Sali is the cultural and administrative center of the island. Situated on the north-east coast of the island, with a thousand years old tradition, according to written documents from 990. From the ancient times it is called an ante-room to Kornati. It is a place surrounded with natural parks, thousand years old olive trees, with very rich cultural and sacral inheritance from early centuries of the Christianity.

With its tourist facilities, vicinity of the islands of Kornati and nature park of Telašćica Sali is a unique place of a true Mediterranean atmosphere where summer leisure is a cult in itself.

Sali: What to do / What to see?
Sali festivitiy
Nature park Telašćica


Beside the splendor parish St. Mary’s church, St. Roko’s and St. Nikola’s church, there are the ground plans ruins of the Christian churches in Stivanje Polje, Citorija and Čuh.

Sports and recreation

Excursion, nautical and sport tourism is very popular here. There is general practice and dentist, post office, bank teller, modern library with books on several languages and with internet connection, and port masters’s office. The tourist attraction is well known group “Tovareća mužika”.

Indulgence and fun

Unforgettable are donkey races during the summer festival”Saljske užance”.

Every place on Dugi otok has its festivity. Hedonism and Mediterranean culture with specific traits of different places, such as donkey races, folk dance kolo, theatre performances and musical concerts in the environment of the island architecture, makes even the farthest dreams come true.
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