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The city of Sibenik (in Italian Sebenico) is located in Central Dalmatia, along the mouth of the Krka River, which is famous for its beautiful waterfalls.


As the oldest Croatian city, the former capital, it is mentioned for the first time in 1066, during the reign of Croatian King Krešimir IV. We find there the majestic cathedral "Sv.-Jakov" (St. Jacques / 1431-1535) built by Italian craftsmen, which was from 2000 on the list of "UNESCO World Heritage". The remains of the Iron Age testify to a protohistoric human presence, that of a Balkan people; the Illyrians. The Middle Ages saw the construction of 3 fortresses, to protect the city from any Turkish invasion, including that of St. Michael ("Sv.-Mihovil" in Croatian). Admire the remains of the ramparts from which one enjoys a superb panoramic view of the city, the stairs down the hill to the sea, as well as the fortress of St. Nicholas, located on plans by a Venetian architect on the Ljuljevak peninsula, ideally protecting the port from Sibenik.

Šibenik: What to do / What to see?
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Indulgence and fun

Discover the culinary specialties of Siberik. There is the famous "sir iz mišine" is a lumpy cheese wrapped in the tanned skin of sheep, wild oysters that we taste like a hundred thousand years ago: by swallowing them as soon as they come out of the sea, grilled fish, the unique Skradin rizotto which is prepared for 12 hours. The jujube is a fruit tree whose fruits are very appreciated by the inhabitants of the regions of Zadar and Šibenik. The "luganiga" sausage is a traditional specialty of the Sinj region, but also known in Split and Šibenik. The pork and lamb thighs are the main ingredients of the "luganiga", whose mixture, to which we add lemon juice and zest, pepper, coriander, cinnamon and garlic juice, is put in the lamb or mutton casing. Grilled sausages are served with rice cooked in beef broth. In Istria, jujubes are macerated in brandy with little sugar, all exposed for two weeks in the sun to turn into jujube liqueur. On the sweet side, don't miss the famous Skradin pie. It is a light cake covered with a smooth chocolate and topped with crispy nuts that the 14th century Skradin brides themselves prepared on the eve of their wedding night. It is traditionally tasted accompanied by local drinks such as prošek; a sweet Croatian dessert wine.
After a good meal, relax and enjoy the city of Sibenik which is very cultural. It hosts the traditional event of "Večeri dalmatinske šansone" (Dalmatian song nights) and a renowned "International Children's Festival".

Sports and recreation

Coastal city, it is obvious that all water sports can be practiced there, from swimming to yachting, including kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving, water skiing, sailing. The hotel complexes have their badminton and tennis courts, ping-pong tables, basketball courts, football, pétanque, volleyball most of the beaches offering their beach volleyball nets. In terms of nature, we find, nearby, the Zagora Region, of karst formation, the Dalmatian Ethnological Park, the Krka National Park (109 km2) and the 89 islands constituting the Kornati Islands National Park (220 km2).