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Ston Wall Marathon 2019

09.07.2019. | Announcements

On the day September 22nd 2019, Ston Wall Marathon is being held. Ston Wall Marathon is a race that uses the longest fortified walls in Europe instead of tracks.

While participating in the race you are sorounded by beautiful nature and view on the Adriatic sea. You will be climbing on its steep steps from Mali Ston to crenelated stone towers and fortresses, jump while descending towards packed Ston roofs.

Whether you are a tough marathon runner in search of a new challenge or recreationist going over his limits and running for pleasure, this is the right race for you! You can choose your own challenge: 4 km, 15 km, or 42 km. Here is a Ston Wall Marathon Video recorded in 2018.

AUTHOR: Roko Kvestić