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Croatia // Kvarner // Opatija riviera


Opatija riviera

Opatija is a place that is considered the cradle of Croatian tourism.
Opatija Riviera is located in the Kvarner Bay on the east coast of the Istrian peninsula and is the area where the sea makes its deepest cut into the mainland.
A pearl of the Austro-Hungarian Riviera at the end of the 19th century acquired the epithet of tourist destination for Austrian and European high society - emperors, famous artists and celebrities like Wilhelm II, Franz Joseph, Princess Sissy, Gustav Mahler, Isadora Duncan,and many others. Evidence of this is the luxury of numerous villas, dazzling neoclassic and art nouveau hotels located in luxuriously trimmed gardens and parks.
During the winter numerous congresses, conferences and seminars are held in Opatija rivijera.
It is only a few hours drive from a number of Western European centers (Milan, Munich, Vienna, Graz, Budapest).
Opatija Riviera is known for its fine restaurants.In some of them you will be able to enjoy meals prepared according to recipes from the 19th century. Restaurants mostly offer specialties of fish and crabs prepared in a traditional way.
Opatija riviera is famous for marinas and nautical tourism. ACI Marina Opatija lies between Opatija and Ičići and is open all year. And there is marina in town Opatija.
Bicyclists have several cycling routes in the area.
A lot of events are held on the Summer Stage in Opatija, especially various concerts.

Opatija Riviera can be reached by highway, the Adriatic highway, train, plane or ferry.
Park Angiolina and villa Angiolina created in the late 19th century should be pointed out as places worth to see .Villa Angiolina was a role model used to build other villas. The characteristic style of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy is still kept to this day.


Opatija riviera: What to do / What to see?
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